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A Guide to Upgrading Your Home – Carpet One

Carpet One in Sioux Falls is part of thousands of stores in a worldwide cooperative, meaning customers get the best of both worlds: service with a local business and savings of a national chain. The Sioux Falls location is locally owned and operated and strives to offer clients the latest and greatest in the industry with excellent customer service.

Assistant Manager Kearsen Nyenhuis explains that the company started as a carpet-only business and is now proud to offer a variety of flooring and products as trends have evolved over the years.

“For nearly 40 years, Carpet One was your go-to floor-covering store when you wanted to upgrade your carpet, but we are proud to have grown with the times and now offer hard flooring like vinyl, laminate and hardwood as well as other products including backsplashes, fireplaces, tiled showers and more,” Kearsen says.

This year, couples and families are opting for colors that are creamier and more relaxing. She adds, “We’ve started to see more people lean toward brighter schemes and colors or blending the two trends over the last decade, so we changed the looks in our showroom to reflect all our products and the current trends.”

Step 1:

Start with the Room Visualizer. Skip the guesswork and see real results right away. Upgrading a customer’s living area is becoming easier with modern technology like the online Room Visualizer.

Customers can select their favorite bright and airy hardwood floors or carpets through the product catalog and apply them to a photo of their own room online! It only takes a few minutes before you can see what your new space could look like with a fresh look, but it doesn’t provide the best answers on quality or other home decor, only flooring.

Step 2:

That’s where this second step comes in. Shopping at the showroom in person gets customers one step closer to their dream home. Kearsen shares, “The showroom houses several vignettes that inspire customers and help them get out of any design rut they may be facing.” The newly renovated space houses several features with real product examples.

“We have all updated LED lighting, a tiled shower vignette, soaker tub vignette, backsplashes that reflect current schemes and trends, and more,” Kearsen adds.

In addition to the newly updated product lines and displays, the Carpet One team has also added a new digital display that is color coded and based on material, making the whole shopping experience easy. Each product has its own display area complete with a digital scanner that can virtually update your room idea with each selection. “Picture 60 feet of displays and a 32-inch digital kiosk that serves as a visual aid in the selection process,” Kearsen explains. “The kiosk also provides all of the finer details about that product like the features and benefits.”

The kiosk’s digital scanner has a more generic room option versus the Room Visualizer online.

Step 3:

Turn your vision into a reality. Work with the experienced staff to order your favorite products and get them into place. Carpet One has a large volume of in-stock materials including nearly 1,000 area rugs customers can purchase and bring home the very same day. | 605.331.3906