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Starmark Cabinetry – 45 Years of Superior Craftsmanship

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Although Aristotle is attributed to having said this hundreds of years ago, StarMark Cabinetry has exemplified this idea through the consistent production of superior craftsmanship and service. And if excellence is measured by repetitively exceeding the standard, it’s not hard to see why StarMark has remained a trusted leader in the custom cabinetry industry.

When the business began in the mid-70s, Sioux Falls’ convenient location at the interchange of Interstates 29 and 90 made it the perfect place for the new cabinetry company. This meant the ability to create custom products that could be easily shipped across the U.S., thus increasing their market area. The Midwest-based owners began a years-long process to build the structure that would house their company.

While the location was important to reaching their customers from coast-to-coast, having an exceptional product would be key to their longevity and reputation.

Houses were much less complicated in the 70s, so it stood to reason that the options offered for interior furnishings and finishes were as well. When the first cabinets were introduced by StarMark in 1978, they were made of one wood species and had two or three options for stains. Throughout the years, as kitchen and bath trends have changed and home design has become more complex, StarMark has made sure to align their products with the times. They now have nine different wood species in their factory and offer a diverse palette of colors in paints, stains and stains with glazes in a variety of styles.

In their only StarMark factory showroom, located in Sioux Falls at 600 E. 48th St. N., residential customers can find anything from inspiration to finishing touches. The displays in their showroom are all done with a large variety of wood species, door styles and an array of countertop surfaces so the customer can see and feel the available options.

There is always a designer on staff to help walk-ins; the process is easily started by making an appointment with them to discuss your project plans. From screenshots of Pinterest ideas to blueprints, StarMark meets every customer where they are in the process. Their amazing service experience includes some time and money-saving perks in addition to the on-staff designer. They will field measure all of their projects on-site.

“We field measure because sometimes you see things during that process that changes the overall plan,” says StarMark General and Retail Showroom Manager, Dale Goetschius. “If a window has to move a little bit to make the design better or to work around a certain appliance, we can go back to the drafter and ask for the change.”

Getting StarMark involved in the process earlier rather than later is best practice as they can help the consumer understand how the choice of countertop, flooring and appliances will have an impact on the cost and aesthetic of your project.

While they have since been incorporated into the MasterBrand Cabinetry family as one of their 14 manufacturers, StarMark continues the standard of excellence they set nearly 50 years ago. This partnership has allowed them to stay on top of trends in adjacent industries such as flooring, furniture and color marketing that might influence cabinetry. It also helps them to keep a pulse on emerging technologies and innovations. The brand has product managers across the U.S. who meet frequently to collaborate and steer decisions that result in making the best handcrafted products possible.

Because StarMark cabinetry is sold at independent dealerships across the U.S., they want to ensure that dealers and designers understand how the products are made and who is making them.

“We host factory training sessions and bring designers into our facility and show them our factory to really teach them about our products and how to create designs using our brands,” Goetschius adds.

He says that these types of interactions help to bridge the gap between the manufacturer and end-user when designers can see how it’s made and the people who make it. And with over 350 employees working to put out an exceptionally crafted product, he says there are many opportunities to get people involved in company tours and talk with the customers.

When you have a history of making well- crafted, functional and beautiful products, you earn a reputation in the industry and can cross the generations. Some customers come from families whose parents had StarMark cabinets and, because of that longevity and durability, want to include StarMark custom cabinets in their homes as well.

Regardless of the prior experience with the brand, many customers choose StarMark based on the customization factor and the ability to be involved in the process from the beginning.

“The homeowner can have the peace of mind that they were part of the decision process, that what they’re selecting hasn’t been at a warehouse or in a lumberyard or out of a home center. It’s something that’s been built and made for their specific application,” adds Goetschius. “It starts with their vision and when it’s installed – they have the sense of pride that they helped create that.”

Their legacy of consistent superior craftsmanship and service isn’t going unnoticed. StarMark has earned some impressive distinctions such as Best of Houzz and Sioux Falls Local Best.

“Those distinctions really bring some credibility to our product and the quality we bring,” says Goetschius. “We get a lot of compliments on the quality of the cabinetry because if you take care of it, it will last. It’s exciting to know that we build a quality product.” | 800.594.9444