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Kitchen & Windows Unlimited – Unlimited Quality & Service

Kitchens & Windows Unlimited has been an industry leader in cabinetry, countertops, windows and doors for 50 years, and their team remains dedicated to a seamless client experience.

Tim Lund started with Kitchens & Windows Unlimited in 1992 and since becoming owner in 1996, has worked alongside his team of experts to continue the trusted legacy of providing exceptional service, masterful design and incredible products.

The team at Kitchens & Windows Unlimited takes pride in exceeding their clients’ expectations in both products and service. Offering quality materials from some of the most dependable brands in the nation, Kitchens & Windows Unlimited has a wide selection of cabinetry, windows, doors and countertops to meet the functionality and style their customers want. In their 4,000-square-foot showroom at 525 N. Kiwanis Ave., people can find the inspiration they need, test the performance they want and gain design insight from skilled professionals in the industry. Sometimes, having the ability to see the product and getting expert advice can provide the clarity a stalled vision needs.

“Many individuals struggle to visualize how their new space will look,” says Lund of how the showroom can help advance a plan. “You go home to your house every day and have a hard time seeing it there. This gives you a whole new perspective.”

Lund also adds that whether you are building new, adding an addition or simply refreshing a current space, the staff at Kitchens & Windows Unlimited can meet their clients wherever they are in the process; from inspiration to installation and beyond.

Another part of their client-focused approach is ensuring that there are skilled staff and vendors to help guide, measure, craft and install the products, which is why they take care to work with the very best in the industry.

While Kitchens & Windows Unlimited is a local company with deep roots and relationships in the area, they also keep themselves updated on nationwide trends to stay on top of styles coming in or coming back. Contemporary design is on the upswing throughout and the team at Kitchens & Windows Unlimited is seeing the same trends carried out here in the Midwest.

One trend that has steadily gained popularity over the last few years is the preference for black framed windows. Whether your style is more traditional or contemporary, black framed windows seamlessly complement nearly any design or color palette. They also have some amazing energy efficiency benefits that make them look and perform beautifully.

In addition to black frames, large, 2-panel, glass patio and exterior doors are becoming more popular and blending the line between indoor and outdoor living.

Bathrooms seem to be a big focus in the years following the pandemic. When it comes to bathroom countertops and surrounds, Onyx is trending upward thanks to its bold aesthetic and lasting beauty when properly cared for. A unique property of Onyx is its translucency which has allowed for some gorgeous backlighting to be added for a wonderful glow.

The kitchen is a great place to add color and KWU is seeing blues, blue-grays and bright colored cabinetry with shaker-style doors being high on the list of preferred styles. People are also using natural walnut as accent pieces and quartz countertops as focal points alongside darker laminates. Lund adds that undermount sinks installed in laminate counters are incredibly in fashion right now.

In the last few years, there have been some delays in installation due to production delays and material shortages, however, Lund says that they are almost back to normal with a lead time on cabinetry typically being about 4-6 weeks, which is great for those wishing to make a change before the weather does.

For those looking to improve their entry, Lund notes that smoother, painted fiberglass doors are trending whereas stained fiberglass is waning in popularity. He is also seeing custom grillwork on the rise all of which lead to a more welcoming and timeless look.

“There are certain things that stand out when someone is looking at a home,” says Lund of how important a front door can be for valuation. “A door is one of them.”

Kitchens & Windows Unlimited has established themselves as a premier destination for cabinetry, countertops, doors and windows by maintaining a client-focused experience from the quality materials they offer to trusted partnerships they maintain. No matter what stage of prep you are in, schedule a consultation with them and enjoy the first-class service and curated range of products that only the best can offer.