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Family Floors & Furniture – Quality Takes the Floor

Family Floors & Furniture began 27 years ago in Brandon, South Dakota and has since grown into a 23,000-square- foot showroom, offering a variety of furniture pieces and installation services for carpeting, hardwoods, laminate, vinyl, wood plank and luxury vinyl. Family-owned and operated, the business prides itself on the quality of work and materials they provide for each client, as well as the relationships they build with employees.

Maintaining a level of quality that supersedes client expectations, each staff member has had years of hands-on training in order to truly understand the industry. “We won’t compromise on quality; we want every customer to receive extra insight and knowledge as well as excellent service in our store,” Marissa Wollmann, daughter of owners Woody and Marcia Gnadt explains.

Marissa and her family all play important roles with their business but they also know that all of it wouldn’t be possible without the work of their 10 install crews.

“They really are the heart of the company that keeps everything going,” Marissa relays.

The relationship that Family Floors & Furniture has built with their crews is one of the things that makes the company stand out in the industry and community. “Treating each other like family goes a long way- that feeling extends from our sales crew to installers and then to our customers. It’s pretty easy really – treating each other how we would our own family!” Marissa says.

Pairing each job with a specific install crew is also a significant part of the process.

“We make sure that each job fits the install crew’s skill and ability to ensure the final product is perfect,” Marissa smiles.

Scott Longhenry, of Longhenry Custom Homes in Garretson, South Dakota, has worked with Family Floors & Furniture for many years. “…They’re great to do business with. They take care of me and my clients in every home I build. They make sure they assign their very best installers on my projects who take great pride in their workmanship.”

Install crews around the state are self-employed and choose where they work and what store they service. Family Floors & Furniture is proud to work with four of the premier installer crews throughout the tri-state area. Marissa adds, “We trust our talented teams with our products and in your home!”

Meet the Crew

Bob Graham

Installing floors for more than 45 years, Bob has proven to be one of the most requested installers for remodel projects. He has his own little fan club and collection of cards, pies and cookies. Many clients have also exchanged “Bob stories” with the store after working with him. Marissa says, “If there is a difficult layout or a customer who needs a good-humored attitude, we send Bob. He is an expert with wood, LVT, LVP, carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc. You name it, Bob can do it!”

“I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them. By the end of the job, I feel like I’ve made a new friend and if the customer is happy, I am happy!”

Simon Wurtz

Tackling insane amounts of work with his crew, Simon makes installs look easy. He is an expert at any project, and it shows by his installation requests according to Marissa. “People will specifically shop at our store so they can have Simon install their floors,” Marissa shares. Simon has a vast level of understanding of the entire process from start to finish and has been working in the industry for 17 years.

“I’m not going to do the job if we aren’t going to do it right!”

Tim Wollman

Perfecting his trade over the last 30 years, Tim is a true artist and happens to be Marissa’s husband. Very meticulous and detail-oriented, Tim is the person you want when you find a squeak in your steps. Marissa adds, “If we need to impress a wood expert or contractor with higher standards, we send Tim.” Tim preaches the importance of not only finishing the work but the proper prep work before beginning the installation job as well. Tim has also been fortunate enough to learn from Marissa’s dad and founder of Family Floors & Furniture, Woody Gnadt.

“Well, aside from actually being a family member, it’s great to see installers stick with us through the years – getting to know them as well as their families. I still read directions even if I’ve worked with the product before.”

Brandon Yeske

Earning his spot as one of the premier installers in the tri-state area, Brandon can install every single flooring product out there. “In most trades, one becomes an expert at one thing and sticks with that, but not Brandon. This guy is good at everything, and the phone calls and repeat customers say it all,” Marissa says. Brandon joined the Family Floors & Furniture family after a customer came in and said they were bringing in their own installer. After meeting Brandon and seeing his work, both companies realized what a great fit they were for each other.

“I like working with Family Floors & Furniture because they schedule me with products that I can really show my expertise at, and customers really appreciate the work I do.”

The most important quality Family Floors & Furniture values in their employees, including installation crews, is honesty.

“Our crews have access to our store and have a personal key. We trust them and so can you,” says Marissa “Our name and their name are combined, making the team that creates the brand Family Floors & Furniture. We think in any relationship, being honest and trustworthy should be the top quality you value in someone or something.”

Installation crews choose to work with Family Floors & Furniture for many reasons.

One of those reasons is that they are paired with products and customers that best fit them and their skillset. “They know and trust us to set them up for success,” Marissa says. “Something we pride ourselves in is the minimal callbacks – meaning customers with a product complaint or installation worries.” | 605.582.2744