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Creative Surfaces – Celebrating 35 Years of Making Homes Beautiful

Creative Surfaces is proving to be as long-lasting as the Cambria quartz it sells, with the business celebrating its two milestone anniversaries this year.

Creative Surfaces opened its Sioux Falls location in 1988. Along with celebrating its 35th anniversary in business, Creative Surfaces is marking 21 years as a Cambria quartz distributor.

“It’s an amazing product with amazing designs. What it brings to your home is pure stunning and beautiful. It just makes a real statement in your home,” expressed Denise Pins, Creative Surfaces’ sales and marketing coordinator.

“We were one of their first certified installers to sign up with Cambria,” she continued. “Cambria quartz is the number one seller of countertops. It’s a very popular product. Cambria is one of the top-of-the-line quartz products in the market.”

Much of Cambria’s appeal is that it’s nearly indestructible. The quartz is an engineered, nonporous product, seven times more durable than granite. It’s stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and nearly maintenance-free, Denise explained. If a blemish does occur on Cambria quartz, Cambria will send someone to fix it.

Creative Surfaces’ main focus is supplying countertops. Cambria quartz currently offers a wide range of colors and 171 designs that suit any style Siouxland homeowners desire.

“What we’re seeing in trends with quartz countertops and quartz, in general, is waterfall end panels (on) both ends of the island. The quartz is extended down the end of the cabinet, which is super cool,” Denise remarked. “I don’t see that trend going away.”

“When you have a design with a distinctive river or vein that runs through it — because Cambria does an amazing job of matching up those veins from the top down the leg of the waterfall — it all looks like one piece but it’s not,” she disclosed.

What’s on-trend now is using Cambria quartz in place of tile on kitchen backsplashes. While extending the counter up the wall, the full-height backsplashes are beautiful and require minimal care.

“Cambria is a nonporous product so when you spill something on it, it doesn’t take on any of that residue,” Denise affirmed. “You spill a glass of wine or your kids spill their juice, it doesn’t take on that moisture so it’s really easy to clean.”

The combination of beauty, durability and ease of cleaning makes Cambria quartz an increasingly popular alternative to tile in full shower surrounds and on fireplaces, Denise pointed out.

Along with a high-quality product, Denise said Creative Surfaces focuses on customer service that helps homeowners achieve the home of their dreams.

“When we meet with customers, we keep the lines of communication open from the very start,” Denise said proudly. “We ask as many questions as we possibly can, and we want the customer to ask lots of questions as well. Let’s get the questions, decisions and timeframe made on the front end so all of our expectations have been met.”

In addition to their Sioux Falls location, Creative Surfaces will have a new showroom in Rapid City that’s likely to open by the end of 2023. | 605-362-5853