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StarMark Cabinetry builds one beautiful custom kitchen at a time. Your kitchen is crafted, not pulled from a warehouse shelf. It’s not mass produced. It’s built for you, for your home, for your family. Your kitchen is built by our team of over 500 people, each of who has the power to reject a door, drawer or cabinet if it isn’t up to our standards. Choose from over 280,000 combinations of species, door styles and finishes. Our showroom is staffed with friendly professionals who walk you through the remodeling process.


  • Cabinetry
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Millwork
  • Countertops
  • Furniture
  • Closets and Organization

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HOME 360November 15th 2023I love working with Starmark cabinetry. So many options to design with as well as knowledgeable customer service to help with any questions.
DAVID ALLENNovember 15th 2023We’ve been selling StarMark cabinets for many years and I got the opportunity to participate in a tour of the starmark plant and meet some of the people involved. My expectations were high and they were met. The plant was clean and organized and their process for making these beautiful cabinets was fascinating to see. Thank you StarMark
LAURA WALLACENovember 15th 2023Just finished a wonderful tour and was amazed at all the care and done-by-hand detail of their custom cabinets. The quality and finishes are top notch, and I can confidently recommend StarMark cabinets for homeowners knowing they’ll enjoy their kitchens for decades!
MIKE LINDSEYNovember 15th 2023I’ve represented Starmark Cabinetry for many years and it’s my Dealer’s go to line for their Premium cabinetry needs. Especially when their clients are looking for Inset Cabinetry, but not limited to. They are known for their fit and finish, ability to build custom sizes, and offer all the latest storage organization accessories. They also use the best packaging in the industry to ensure the cabinetry arrives the way it left the factory, which enables our dealers to complete projects on time and complete.
CAITLYNN IGLNovember 15th 2023I have had nothing but positive experiences with this manufacturer. I highly recommend these cabinets for any project. The level of quality and care that goes into each cabinet is superior to most if not all cabinet lines that I've worked with. I wouldn't hesitate to use these in my own home.
CAREY AGENANovember 15th 2023I design kitchens in rapid City SD at Builders First Source. I love these cabinets, put them in my own house when I built. Quality is excellent and packaging is better then any other brand! I took this video of the process. I have very little damage with my orders due to this. Highly recommend!!
HEATHER SIKKENGAOctober 17th 2023I am a designer in Michigan who uses StarMark. My homeowners and builders love these cabinets. There are lots of options, and if I do not see what I am looking for, there is a good chance I can get it custom-made. Thank you, StarMark
JOE CRAVEROctober 17th 2023Starmark Cabinetry exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship truly set them apart. From the moment I approached them with my vision, their team displayed unmatched professionalism and expertise. The variety of designs and finishes they offer ensured that I found the perfect match for my home. The durability of their cabinetry is outstanding, showcasing their commitment to creating products that stand the test of time. Moreover, their customer service was exceptional; they were always ready to assist and answer any questions I had. I am incredibly pleased with my Starmark cabinetry and highly recommend their products to anyone looking for top-notch quality and exceptional service. Thank you, Starmark, for making my dream kitchen a reality!
KELLY BARNESOctober 17th 2023The quality is amazing with a great value. They offer a variety of options to create any style your customer is looking for. As a designer, the customer service has always been very helpful and responsive. I highly recommend StarMark Cabinetry!
JOE BARBARETTAOctober 17th 2023I’ve worked with StarMark for about one year so far and it’s been a great experience. The quality and value that thing bring to the market is top notch. Easy to work with and easy to customize for each project. And the shipping packaging is the best I’ve seen in this industry!
JOHN RUGGOctober 17th 2023What an outstanding product! Starmark is great throughout the whole process. They adapt some sizes to make things work, and look great when all said and done. The cabinet boxes themselves are very ridged and sturdy which help with installation process and final function of doors and drawers. During the process the people at the factory running the production of our order made themselves available by phone to our designer quite a few times.
BAILEY STEGGERDASeptember 30th 2022As a designer, my store has been selling StarMark for quite a while. These cabinets are high-end, furniture grade quality and the customer service has a quick response time when any warranties are needed. I had the opportunity to recently visit their factory and the level of attention each piece of your products receives is remarkable. Something that stood out the most to me, personally, was the fact that each of their specialty finishes (such as distressing the cabinets or the villa styling) was all hand detailed by one person with such attention to detail. Everything they do feels personally built for each piece. Another amazing part of StarMark is the high-quality shipping/packing they provide each product that leaves their factory. I highly recommend StarMark both in product and in customer service.
DEREK DYCEMay 15th 2023Quality was great and they were priced under most competitors. Any issues we did have they worked to correct in a timely manner. Overall very satisfied with our cabinets as well as starmarks customer service.
KLARESSA NIELSENAugust 22nd 2019Great place to visit. Staff was very professional and knowledgable. Cabinets were top notch.
AMANDE MUNOZAugust 22nd 2019The staff at Starmark has been so nice to visit with. Enjoyed my tour and training!
KLARESSA NIELSENAugust 22nd 2019Great place to visit. Staff was very professional and knowledgable. Cabinets were top notch.
NATALIE STRASSERJuly 25th 2019As a Starmark Dealer I cannot day enough about them. They go above and beyond in their quality of cabinetry. The finish work is like no one else ; especially their TINTED VARNISHES. I know when I sell one of my clients a Starmark kitchen , bath , or any other room with cabinets ; I know they will LOVE them and will not be disappointed . I just feel good about it ans never have to worry ! #TEAMSTARMARK
BOB QUARRYJuly 25th 2019Great quality cabiets. And great knowledgeable staff. I also met the a worker judy in parking lot she loves working
NATALIE ENDICOTTJuly 25th 2019I am thoroughly impressed with the quality in both the finish and the workmanship! It’s refreshing to have confidence in a product. Not to mention they are American made! ????????
MARNEE GEERJuly 25th 2019I would highly recommend these cabinets. I had the pleasure of touring the plant as these cabinets were being made. I was amazed to see that cabinets were not being made by machines, but by American workers building them with the same tools you would see in a custom cabinet shop just on a much bigger scale. The cabinets are very well constructed and the finish on the cabinets is amazing.
RANDY SCHULTZJanuary 22nd 2019These are the best made cabinets. Took a tour of the plant and the people here are amazing. A lot of craftsmen working here with tons of experience. I've sold this brand many years and have many, many happy customers.
DANIELANDDANA WELCHERJanuary 22nd 2019As a cabinet designer for over 12 years I'm extremely impressed with the quality of these cabinets. I've figured the factory and the attention to detail and care throughout the entire manufacturing process is awesome. I highly recommend these cabinets to anyone looking to remodel their home.
JAKEJanuary 22nd 2019Visiting the factory, impressive folks working hard to build a quality product. Very nice and friendly too, which will hopefully be a big plus as we start buying cabinets from them. Oh. Packaging is beyond exemplary. Should make customer satisfaction easier.
LISA KREMPASKYAugust 24th 2018StarMark Cabinetry is an outstanding company to do business with. They have a knowledgeable staff that is committed to producing a quality product that looks beautiful and is well constructed. Their staff of expertise conducts business in a caring and professional manner. All of which go in to making a top-notch cabinet. A very impressive company turning out a superior product!
LIZ GREGOIREAugust 23rd 2018As a designer, the tour and training provided by Starmark Cabinetry is top notch. Their customer service, customization, specialty finishes and timely production make them my top line choice to work with.
ROSE JOHANNSAugust 23rd 2018As a Kitchen and Bath Designer, I so appreciate the training I received from this company! Friendly, knowledgeable, and an absolutely impressive product! Our company is excited to grow our relationship with StarMark!
CRAIG MYERSAugust 23rd 2018They build a wonderful cabinet with a high end finish. Great customization available and hand built with employees and high end machines. Wonderful culture with the company from the top to bottom of the company.
BRITANY GRIEGERAugust 23rd 2018As a kitchen designer Starmark Cabinetry is my go-to cabinet company. Their quality is superior and every project turns out beautifully. They have a large selection of colors, door styles and custom modifications that make my job as a designer easier!
AMMAR MAAYTAHAugust 23rd 2018I have been in the cabinet business for over 20 years and had worked with so many different brands and American cabinet manufacturers. But I must say that I never understood why they offer such an excellent product and perfect finish until l visited their plant in South Dakota and saw the process and the operation. Not only I was proud to see an American made product being made with high-quality but also it’s restored my faith in thaeindustry
TYLER SAugust 29th 2017These guys are some of the best, hand made cabinetry at a price that makes our customers go "wow." Have yet to have an issue with this company.
MELISSA SOPERAugust 11th 2016I am proud to be an employee of Starmark Cabinetry. The quality of the product you will get with StarMark is honestly one of the best. We are able to help homeowners turn their dream room into reality with the endless options we offer. Plus, everything is built right here in Sioux Falls, SD, so you are enhancing your community by shopping local. Stop by to see us, I'd love to help with your cabinetry project!
DEBBIE FULLERSeptember 29th 2016StarMark did the cabinetry for our kitchen renovation. It turned out absolutely gorgeous. Every detail was just perfect. The artistry of the design all the way to the precision of the workmanship was outstanding. We were thrilled!!
BECKY WILSONMarch 7th 2017I have been designing kitchens and baths for a few years now and I love working with StarMark Cabinetry because of the line's quality as well as it's flexibility.
ANTOINE GOODJune 5th 2017Starmark has been a Blessing to me. I joined a company with good morals on the well being of the Employees.