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Structural Glass Brings New Design Ideas to Light

It’s a challenge that builders and designers face: How to better bring light into a space so it doesn’t seem cramped and dark and, at the same time, give it architectural interest? It is a common dilemma. Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls’ solution, however, is anything but. Their answer: to brighten the space by installing tempered glass. No longer only suited for car windows, tempered glass is versatile in that it can be shaped into many different forms and is impact-resistant – five times stronger than regular glass – making it suitable for more demanding projects and applications, including inside one’s home or office space.

“People are using glass to make their house or business more modern and, at the same time, give it an open feel,” Sioux Falls owner Justin Eimers pointed out.

To add more dimension, as well as unique customization options, homeowners and businesses alike can also choose to add a custom black grid to provide a sleek accent to the space. Other options include gradient glass, frosted glass or some simply choose to leave it clear, providing a clean look. “The black grids over glass create a form of glass art,” said Justin. “It can add charm to the home, no matter what style you prefer. In turn, adding a gradient glass film gradually transitions from a solid to a clear finish. Frosted glass goes a step further by covering the surface entirely with a solid finish. Both the gradient and frosted films offer privacy while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look.”

Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls provides many types of glass for an array of applications. Since 2008, they have provided the area with home, auto and business glass services. “We work hand in hand with designers, builders and homeowners to make their dream a reality,” Justin shared. From home window installation to incorporating safety glass and security films for one’s business to shower doors to auto to customization, we do everything glass. Our services even include customers’ visions for backsplashes, railings, desks and floor mats.”

But glass as a structural element isn’t just showing up in commercial settings in high-end homes. Even in mainstream homes, frameless shower enclosures made of structural glass panels have become common. For Justin, the best part of using glass is its novelty. “Doing something new and unique is the most fun,” he expressed. “It’s not just about putting glass in; it’s about seeing the vision and dream that a homeowner or business person might have and knowing I can put that dream or vision to reality,” concluded Justin. At the end of the day, Justin said they want to follow their motto which is to take care of the customer and make them happy.

For more information about how Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls can assist you, visit or visit the showroom located at 2420 N. Bakker Landing in Tea or give us a call at 605-360-8508.