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Qualified Carpentry – Custom Wood, Metal Hand-Crafted With Care

Qualified Carpentry Co. specializes in locally built custom cabinetry, millwork and metal railings that add beauty and durability to homes. Owner Todd Nelson and his team focus on residential remodeling, home additions, door and window replacements and high-end finishes. The company, based in Harrisburg, South Dakota, prides itself on creating products that can’t be found in big box stores. Qualified Carpentry Co. remodels many kitchens and bathrooms, Todd said, and those often involve building custom cabinetry and trim work.

“We design and build to fit,” said Todd, a general contractor and carpenter with more than 30 years of experience. “We help homeowners design (the look they want).” Hand-crafted excellence is one of the benefits homeowners will find in working with Qualified Carpentry Co., Todd said. Exceptional millwork is one of the company’s hallmarks. “We can custom build it to match an older existing home, or we match it up with the owners’ existing doors, or often they put in something new and we pair millwork with that,” Todd said.

Combining wood and metal is one of Qualified Carpentry Co.’s specialties.

“Sometimes in an interior, we’ll pair metal with wood beam posts and create a handrail system with it,” Todd said. “We have a custom guy who will fabricate either the homeowners’ (railing) choice, or they bring us a (photo) and we tweak it and make it their own.”

Modern design continues to be an in-demand style in eastern South Dakota. Qualified Carpentry Co. often creates products that blend painted and natural wood with metal. Alder and hickory, which are knottier woods with a rustic aesthetic, pair especially well with the sleek, clean appearance of painted wood and metal, Todd said. “The main thing, even with the different wood stains and species, is as long as you get in the same color tones, they all start working together (to complement each other),” Todd said. Todd collaborates with homeowners to help them achieve the design style they want.

“Generally, when I meet with clients, they always have at least some pictures — some people have a whole album of ideas. It’s trying to narrow down their favorite parts of their photos to give (the building project) their style,” Todd said. “What the process really looks like is if you’re walking through some store … take some pictures and send me stuff that you think is cool. Pretty soon, I’ve got a whole bunch of pictures and we’re trying to put that all together to make it the homeowners’ vision.” Qualified Carpentry Co. prides itself on investing the time needed to ensure every project is well made.

“I started my own business … because I wanted to have the time to focus on quality,” Todd said. “It’s more about the quality versus how fast we get it done. I would rather take an extra day or two and try to make (a project) perfect rather than slam it out. We’re always trying to go the extra mile.” Making cabinetry and millwork locally circumvents many supply chain issues, as well. “For the most part, we can control when we need a product if we make it ourselves versus waiting on another shop or shipping it in from somewhere else,” Todd said. Qualified Carpentry Co. is a member of the Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire and the National Association of Home Builders. Learn more at or call 605-212-4817.