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Montgomery’s: One Stop to Furnish and Design Your Dream Home

Achieving the beautiful home you dream of is easier than you can imagine at Montgomery’s. From floor to ceiling, Montgomery’s carries hundreds of brands and offers everything you need including support from an experienced design team.

Montgomery’s was established as a furniture store 136 years ago, and the business has grown into a complete furnishing and design center serving Siouxland and eastern South Dakota.

Start-to-finish design services

Montgomery’s team of trained interior designers guides customers as they choose every fabric and finish for their homes. Best of all, Montgomery’s design services are free of charge.

“Montgomery’s has always offered complimentary design services. It’s so much more personal with your customer when you go into their home and understand their space,” said Nita Flagtwet, Director of Sales and Design. “It becomes a strong bond when they want to do future projects (because) you’ve already seen their home. You can help them make better decisions on size, color and scale. You can better understand the space and the scale of the room.”

The design process begins with a house call to assist customers in deciding what they need and want, whether it’s a new sofa or an entirely redone room.

“We ask a series of questions on how customers use the space and its functionality and style. We measure the space and ask for anything they want us to look at such as windows, lighting and flooring,” Nita said.

One outstanding service that sets Montgomery’s apart is 3D sketches, which gives the customer a preview of what each finished room could look like.

After a Montgomery’s designer meets with a customer, a presentation is assembled with a 3D sketch showing wall color, floor color, furnishings and more. Montgomery’s can easily change the sketch if a customer wants to try something different.

“We can take all the guesswork out of it for people. That’s what I love about it,” Nita said. “When we present the 3D drawing, we have all the samples of fabric, pictures of lighting, and we have tile pieces for them to touch, so that really helps solidify it for the customer. … We have all these tools to help customers make the right decision.”

Customized and utterly unique

Montgomery’s gives their customers endless possibilities by offering customizable furnishings, window treatments, bedding and more.

“We have artists that can sew and make anything come to life. Whatever our designers can design, our artists can make,” Nita said.

“Montgomery’s has options for any price point, and it offers financing,” Nita said.

“You can still look in style without breaking the bank,” she said. “There’s a lot of ways we can work on a budget because everybody has a budget. The money always matters. We work on all budgets and we love that. That’s one thing I think we do really well. If you have $2,000 to spend on a room, we can do that. If you have $20,000, we can do that too.”

Montgomery’s is the only furniture store in the region that has a workroom and a team of four seamstresses. “Sewing is their passion,” Nita said, “and the more experienced seamstress mentors the newer ones to ensure the caliber of every product meets Montgomery’s standards.”

“We have thousands of fabrics to select from. We can add trims like fringe. We have nailheads we can put on cornice boards. We do show several different styles in our showroom, so we can explain to the customer the options we can do,” Nita said.

“We offer customizable window treatments and bedding,” Nita added. “We have lots of bedding options. Some people might start with a spread and customize their pillows (for example). People might think of Montgomery’s for a mattress but they (can) think about us for the top of the bed. That sets us apart. That’s the icing on the cake that makes the room.”

“Our designers are artists. They can put fabrics together and make something no one else is going to have,” she said.

Montgomery’s also customizes furnishings using a variety of wood and fabric.

“We do a lot of customizing with dining (furniture). We have a couple of brands where we can build a table and the chairs,” she said. “If you want something that’s tailored to your home and your style, then Montgomery’s is the place.”

The convenience of one-stop shopping

Designing a room becomes simpler when flooring, furniture, mattresses, window treatments and lighting can all be found in one place, and it’s all at Montgomery’s.

“We’re all busy. We want to get things done in a timely manner and that’s what we can offer customers is convenience. We can take care of everything in their home for them,” Nita said. “If they’re looking for one piece, we can do that. If they’re looking to (redo) an entire room, we can do that.”

Montgomery’s carries about 250 brands. In addition to furnishings, the store carries wood and vinyl flooring options and carpeting.

“Customers can go in and get a new carpet and match it to their sofa,” Nita said. “Customers want that continuity for their homes, and our designers can take care of that. Let’s pick out an area rug. Let’s choose your sofa.”

Homeowners can find a wide variety of countertops and lighting as well.

“Typically, when somebody is replacing flooring and countertops, it’s time to replace lighting. The lighting is an important part of finishing the space,” she said.

“If a customer says they want to redo this entire space but can’t do it all at once, that’s OK. Let’s put a plan together,” Nita said. “We can save people money by making a cohesive plan and if it takes us two years, in two years your place is going to be fabulous.”

Montgomery’s has their own installers and an “amazing” delivery team, Nita said.

“I think our service before and after the sale is huge. Our delivery teams care for your products in your home like it’s their own. They’re efficient,” Nita said. “We try to make every step of the process convenient. The customer knows what to expect, and that really sets us apart.”