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Montgomery’s – 135 Years of Beautiful Furnishings, Outstanding Service

Montgomery’s is celebrating 135 years of making eastern South Dakota homes more stylish with unique furnishings, decor and design services. The Montgomery’s staff is proud that they help customers create homes that are beautifully distinctive and personal. In 1888, George H. Montgomery opened the business that’s become a family legacy. He founded Montgomery’s Furniture and Funeral in Alexandria when the town was eight years old, and South Dakota was still a year from gaining statehood.

Today, in addition to its Sioux Falls showroom and distribution center, Montgomery’s has locations in Madison, Watertown and Aberdeen. Montgomery’s is proudly run by the fourth and fifth generations of the family — George’s greatgranddaughter Connie Sinclair and her husband, Clark, and their son, Eric Sinclair and his wife, Neala. A sixth generation — Kyan, Giselle and Lauren — are learning the business from their parents and grandparents. Passion, a commitment to customer service, and offering products and services not found elsewhere in eastern South Dakota are keys to Montgomery’s longevity, Connie said.

“I don’t know if there are any other stores in South Dakota that can say, ‘My great-grandfather got on a train (to Alexandria) and that’s where he opened the store,’” Connie said. “The fact that each generation has had such a passion for the business is very unique. Every generation is passionate about the business and taking it to the next level. … Every generation has wanted to do whatever it takes to move the business forward.” Connie has been in the family business nearly all her adult life, and she said Montgomery’s is grateful for its devoted staff and customers.

“We count on great people,” Connie said. “We really are proud of our staff and we know we need every single one of them, and that has been a big part of our success. We try to hire and keep really good people. Everybody’s so valuable.” “We love our customers,” she said. “We have customers we know like family. … We’re very customer friendly in the fact that you can buy what’s on the floor or special order. Whatever the customer wants, that’s what they’re going to get.”


Customers can always count on finding new design ideas and products in Montgomery’s showroom because the business values visual merchandising, Connie said. “We are changing constantly. We have people who come in once a month to browse because they know the store will look different than it did a month ago,” Connie said.

Montgomery’s changes its showroom displays weekly and carries design styles ranging from sophisticated contemporary and modern to classic traditional to rustic high mountain. Montgomery’s prides itself on having the best selection of art in South Dakota, plus a wide range of area rugs, lamps, tabletop accessories and more. It’s the only store in eastern South Dakota that carries the Yellowstone Collection, inspired by the Yellowstone television series.

“We have a buying team that spends close to two months a year … at several different markets, and we have such a broad range of products. We have everything — furniture, mattresses, window treatments, wall coverings, tiles, countertops,” Connie said. “We work really hard to try and find oneof- a-kind items. … That’s really something customers look to us for to personalize their own space.” Customers know they’ll discover decor, art and furnishings at Montgomery’s they won’t see elsewhere — and they have the option to fully customize the furniture they purchase. “We feel like we can appeal to anybody’s taste. We try hard to find what customers are happy with and what their dream is,” Connie said.


Montgomery’s prides itself on helping customers beautify their homes whether their budget is large or small. Montgomery’s range of products includes high-end designer styles and a clearance center. “What customers end up with is something that’s really customized to them. We can work with any budget,” Connie said. “I am very proud to say I helped one lady furnish an apartment with all clearance items … to get the best look for the least amount of money.” Whether clients need design guidance on materials, fixtures and furnishings for a new house or they want advice about adding new pieces to existing decor, Montgomery’s Whole Home Experience can help.

“No project is too small,” Connie said. “You can go from one or two pieces to a new build. We can work closely with contractors and homeowners and help them all the way along. … We help with paint selections. We do window treatments. We have 3-D room planning. … If you need somebody to come in and help with flooring (or) help you with pieces you want to use, our staff is awesome.” Lighting is “the jewelry in the home” and Montgomery’s also carries a wide range of lighting choices, whether the customer has a new house or is upgrading existing lighting. The transformation lighting can bring to a room is “a game changer,” Connie said. “(Our designers) are another set of eyes to help our clients make good buying decisions,” she said. “We have such a broad range of what we can do.”


Furniture sizes, wood stains, metalwork, upholstery and more – all can be adapted to each customer’s taste. Montgomery’s has its own workroom and three full-time seamstresses who create custom window treatments and bed coverings, which is becoming a lost art, Connie said. The workroom staff also create pillows, benches and smaller furniture covering projects. “We’re very customizable, which I think a lot of people love,” Connie said. “I know we’re the only store in South Dakota that has its own in-house workroom.” Connie is proud of Montgomery’s team of service technicians that go to customers’ homes to repair furnishings and troubleshoot problems and of Montgomery’s team of neat and friendly “white glove” delivery people. After 135 years, Montgomery’s exceptional service and unique products continue to make George H. Montgomery’s legacy stand out from the competition.

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