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Midwest Factory Finishes, your Sioux Falls siding expert, works on professional finishing and coating for commercial and residential construction. We provide high quality siding and trim for your home or business that will look clean and professional, and also last through the changing seasons. We stain the siding and can custom color to match any existing siding, or new desired color.

When remodeling or constructing a new home or business, trust the professionals at Midwest Factory Finishes. Our experienced team guarantees high performance and high workability with all of our products and services. We will create a lasting look that can stand the unpredictable Midwest weather and last for years to come.

Our diverse and detailed product selection will help you create a historically accurate, architecturally correct and flat-out gorgeous home. Partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to supply you with the best and most reliable products in the industry. We can also train your Sioux Falls installer to ensure your siding is looking its best. Contact our team today with questions or to schedule a consultation!

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CHAD BETLANDSeptember 10th 2020Great place for unloading product fast and easy