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In 1956, when Elmer Karl opened the first Karl’s TV in Gregory, South Dakota, televisions were just making their way into households, customers expected great service and businesses stood behind the products they sold because it was the right thing to do.

Purchasing TV, Audio, Appliances and Furniture for your home can require a significant amount of research. With all of today’s options, it may be a little overwhelming trying to find the perfect fit for your needs. We’ve assembled some information here to get you started, but if you can’t find the information on our site, we would be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions at any of our 19 locations! Karl’s carries many different brands. Find appliances from Whirlpool, KitchenAid, GE, JennAir, Maytag, Dacor, Wolf, Sub Zero, Frigidaire, Electrolux Icon, and Danby. We have a fine selection of electronics from Sony, LG, Sharp, Toshiba, Onkyo, JVC, Niles, Pioneer, NHT, and Denon. We carry a wide variety of models, but if you still can’t find what you want we can order it for you!

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REBECCA RUEGERJanuary 14th 2024C3 Andy and Andrew went above and beyond delivering our range and refrigerator. One of the coldest days this winter, on a Saturday and on their day off! Both were friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. They took time to explain the features of the products. These guys truly deserve big kudos and a bonus. It was incredibly cold - minus 37 windchill and they delivered with great attitudes and a (frozen) smile. Thank you Andy and Andrew
BRENDA GEIERJanuary 31st 2024Karl’s is a great place to purchase an appliance! Brian is so knowledgeable and helpful. He spent a lot of time answering all of our questions regarding washing machines and even provided important advice involving detergent. I’m so thankful for our experience at Karl’s! We have purchased a dishwasher, dryer, and washing machine now from there and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else!
STEVE LINDEMANNJanuary 21st 2024Just bought a new fridge/freezer - there were only a few options that fit our space and Karl's had two of them in stock with one on a very nice sale! Delivery and installation went smoothly - despite it being below zero, windy, and icy out! Andy and Joe had to take the front door off the hinges to get it in, but they put everything back the way they found it. One extra bonus we didn't expect - they had already tried the unit out and had it chilled so we didn't need to wait for it to get cold before we could use it. Thanks Karl's!
REBECCA ANDERSONJanuary 14th 2024C3 Andy and Andrew went above and beyond delivering our range and refrigerator. One of the coldest days this winter, on a Saturday and on their day off! Both were friendly, engaging and knowledgeable. They took time to explain the features of the products. These guys truly deserve big kudos and a bonus. It was incredibly cold - minus 37 windchill and they delivered with great attitudes and a (frozen) smile. Thank you Andy and Andrew
KATHY JOHNSONJanuary 12th 2024I like to use Karl’s not all but mostly for their customer service. Every delivery is always so fast & efficient. Eric has installed my last 3 tvs & he makes it look easy and does it with a smile. Andy and Joe delivered my fridge today and they were awesome even tho it was so cold & windy. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Karl’s!
LISA PETERSONJanuary 6th 2024Couldn't find what we wanted at the big box stores, but Karl's had just what we wanted. Great selection and the place to go if you need replacement filters and parts. The guy who works in the delivery department has fabulous customer service. He seems to really love his job.
MIKE FUJANDecember 27th 2023We purchased a refrigerator from Karl's and had it delivered, The guys on Crew 3 were above amazing! Andy and Joe went above and beyond to take out the old refrigerator that died on us and took expert skill in installing the new LG! They are super polite and really take good care of your house - moving the big units in and out! No scratches, dents or damage - these guys are pro's. They took the time to assemble the new unit and then hustled to get to their next appointment. They showed great teamwork! ^ stars out of 5!!
JESSICA ARPDecember 22nd 2023Karl's.Is.Awesome. We recently had the opportunity to visit Karl's, due to our washing machine finally kicking the bucket! We went to Karl's and were immediately greeted and helped. Brad showed us several options and helped us make the right choice for our needs and budget. He was great! Very helpful throughout the entire process. We are definitely going back to Brad and Karl's for our future appliance needs!
LEIGHTON HDecember 9th 2023Andy and Joe (Crew 3) did an excellent job of setting up our new Frigidaire Gallery French door refrigerator. They were prompt, courteous ,knowledgeable and thorough in their set up and explanations as to how to operate our new fridge . They moved our old fridge to our garage for us as well. Karl’s appliances is an excellent store for all your appliance needs. We have purchased all of our appliances there and highly recommend them. Thank you Andy and Joe!
JULIE BYLLESBYNovember 27th 2023Thank you Crew 3 (Andy & Joe) for doing such great work setting up my appliances. The crew called ahead and let me know the time they would arrive and they showed up right on time. They were very efficient in their work. The crew provided informational tips and tricks on different things regarding the appliances. The crew was very pleasant and polite to deal with. Great service! Highly recommend Karl's! Thank you again!
BOB SCHMIDTDecember 1st 2023I have purchased from Karl's before. Usually everything, start to finish, is very good. This time, while everything has worked out well, it was a bit rocky getting to the desired end result. I ordered my appliances in September but just received them do to the refrigerator being back ordered. Not Karl's fault but I was told 2 weeks originally, turned into 2 months. Secondly, they charged my credit card as if they were still on track to meet a 2-week delivery. Vendors aren't supposed to do that. Third, the delivery guys were an hour late and lastly due to the 2 months delay I am having trouble applying for the rebates which the manufacturers advertised. My frustration with Karls is poor communication. I always seemed to be doing the calling and follow-up. Once I got to someone everything was always cared for expeditiously, and their technical people were great, went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the installations and delivery. Just wish they were more proactive with the phone calls and information.
HEIDI RANDOLPHNovember 28th 2023We were very happy with our experience with Karl’s! Drew made the buying process easy for us. He was kind, helpful, and had great communication. Andy and Joe delivered our washer and dryer and were very knowledgeable about installing the appliances the correct way. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience overall! We would definitely recommend Karl’s to anyone and go through them again!
CONNIE BAARTMANNovember 27th 2023Andy and Joe delivered and installed my new LG refrigerator and range. I don't remember the name of the gentleman that delivered and installed my dishwasher and microwave. They were prompt and did everything necessary to get my appliances into a split foyer house. After the install they were very informative on the working of my appliances. They asked if we had questions made sure that all of our questions were answered. I recommend them and am very satisfied with it all.
KATE WOLLMANNovember 25th 2023Delivery crew 5 (Dan & Thom) did a great job getting our new fridge delivered and set up. They were friendly and provided great customer service. They gave me helpful information about regular maintenance and tips about our refrigerator. Thanks for a great experience with Karl’s.
CHERYLNovember 6th 2023Crew 5, Dan and Thom installed our new range and did a great job. They had to move our refrigerator out to make room for the range and put it back in place. They were so prompt and courteous. They explained the features of our new range. Did a great job!
VIRGINIA OLSONNovember 6th 2023Two great delivery guys got my new LG washer and dryer set up and going. Andy and Joe T were on time, efficient and very friendly. Thanks for the great customer service! I also appreciate the help I received from salesman Zach Crisp in making the decision to go with LG appliances. He was knowledgeable about the products. Love the dependability Karls offers.
DARLA BUMGARDNEROctober 19th 2023Just had our new Samsung gas range delivered by Andy and Joe. Absolutely outstanding customer service! They made sure everything was working and even provided a hands on tutorial. Great crew and Karl’s is lucky to have such kind and hardworking staff!
ERIN FELTMANOctober 26th 2023Joe and Andy from Crew 3 delivered and installed our new refrigerator and range this week and were very professional and knowledgeable. They called before arrival and got to work quickly once they arrived. They took our old fridge and range and made sure I understood how to operate both of the new appliances with their features before they left and were very thorough. Thank you!
SANDRA ANNE MCENANEY SEVERSONOctober 24th 2023Dan Thom and his partner get five stars. They called before they arrived and were on time. They were skilled in their work, careful of our property and cleaned up after themselves. They were fun to visit with and never stopped working while we talked with them. Very knowledgeable about the new range installed, we felt confident that we had all the information we needed to operate our new oven. The range they replaced was purchased from Karl's had served us well for 23 years!
MELANIE HODAKOctober 12th 2023We had a positive experience with Crew 2 from Karl's. Joe and Deshaun's kind and quick service, along with their courteous and cautious approach to installing our new fridge, is commendable. Their willingness to go over the fridge's features demonstrates their dedication to customer satisfaction. Thank you and will recommend to others.
DALE BUEHLEROctober 12th 2023Karl's Delivery and Installation Team of Andy and Joe just completed the install of our new Samsung range and we are very pleased with the service. Andy called in advance and arrived on time, introduced himself and kept us in the loop during the installation process and provided training and answered questions thoroughly. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. Would highly recommend Karl's!
DEB EICHACKERSeptember 27th 2023Joe Rodman was great when we went to pick up our appliances. He was very courteous and helpful. The salesman for our washer/dryer was great. We didn't have as good as luck with the salesman who sold all of our kitchen appliances. Slow to respond that is if he did respond back. We were very disappointed in his follow through. Still haven't received all of the product we wanted with our stove. It's only been two years??
DANIEL MEINKESeptember 23rd 2023I just completed a kitchen remodel including all new appliances from Karl's. Mark, the salesperson who assisted me did a fantastic job as always, and the delivery guys, Andy and Joe were amazing. My kitchen posed some challenges as I switched from an electric range to a dual fuel gas/electric combination. The refrigerator also had to fit into a unique opening. All of it was delivered, installed and working perfectly without issue. Thanks Karl's!
LISA ENTRINGERSeptember 21st 2023The delivery team Dan and Thom (crew 5) gave me a courtesy call before arriving. They were quick to measure all doorways they would need to go through to set up my new fridge up. They went right to work gave me a quick tutorial, removed the old fridge to the garage and quickly had that one set up and level. A very quick and easy process (for me as i did not have to lift anything :) we have always had good luck with Karls from the sale to the delivery
ANNETTE OBRIENSeptember 16th 2023Recently purchased Refrigerator and delivery guys were great! Joe & Deshaun were very professional and helpful. We had great service!
TY KRAMERSeptember 5th 2023There are not enough words to adequately describe how incredibly pleased, happy and satisfied I am with Crew5! They installed a new fridge and hauled away the old one for me today. Their expertise with this process amazing! Dan and Thom work so well together; they measure and then re-measure to make sure your appliance is going to be a perfect fit. Very neat and tidy about their work- absolutely no mess was left behind. They check with you numerous times during the installation to make sure things are looking like you want them to. This is the second time within a matter of 4 months that I have been fortunate to have Crew 5 for an install- I was so excited to see them at my door as I knew I was in excellent hands! Thanks again, Dan and Thom for your hard work, it is truly appreciated!!
CARRIE NIELSONAugust 30th 2023From order to delivery all was easy peasy. Mark G was the most helpful and likeable salesman. Helped me find exactly what i needed. My delivery dudes Andy and Joe were fantastic. They were patient when i overslept and they had to call to get me outta bed...oops. Professional, courteous and oh so efficient. I highly recommend. Thank you Karl's!
SANDRA BERENSAugust 23rd 2023Very happy with new washer and dryer. My dryer I had picked out was delayed but the salesperson picked out an upgraded model on hand and for no extra money so my delivery was on time. Crew 5 Dan and Thom very knowledgable and did great job with installing.
JASON MONTGOMERYAugust 18th 2023Deshawn and Joe from crew 2 delivered our washer, took our old one and set up the new one. They were professional and very nice, all of my questions were answered, they even noticed part of my screen door was on wrong, and they fixed it, so it would stay open. They were on time and very careful getting it in and working. I would recommend Karl’s and their delivery service.
TRICIA JONESAugust 12th 2023Karl’s made the process of buying my new washer so easy! Brad was patient and knowledgeable while looking at every washer they had. Andy and Joe from crew 3 delivered the washer and hauled away my old one. They were friendly and fast! I will only be buying my appliances from Karl’s from now on.
MARY HILLIGASAugust 9th 2023Andrew H was a gem to work with when purchasing a refrigerator, so good that he talked me into purchasing a dishwasher as well because there were some amazing rebates available. I never even stepped into the store, Andrew and I completed the purchase over the phone. Andy and Joe did an amazing job installing the refrigerator. Crew3 were great to work with. Not only were they a little early, they were tidy, professional and personable. My overall experience was wonderful.
BRAD SMITHAugust 3rd 2023We recently moved to Sioux Falls and in our move we lost the power cord to our TV. We had tried various stores to get a replacement and were not able to find one. I called Karl's and spoke with Dan Vanden Berg and Dan went above and beyond in being helpful to get our problem resolved. Dan was very attentive to our needs and listened well and was understanding of the specific type of power cord we needed. Dan was able to locate one at your store and reserved it for us. When we came to pick it up, Dan was very friendly and gracious and confirmed it was the type of cord we needed and wanted to know if we had any questions or anything else he could help us with. We are very thankful for Dan helping us resolve our problem so quickly and he is a great testimony of the customer service Karl's provides. When needs arrive as we get settled in Sioux Falls, we will definitely check first with Karl's because of Dan's excellent service and help.
KAY SHAFERJuly 26th 2023The Crew #5 Dan and Thom made their entry into our home and good experience. As they worked and talked between the two of them, we never once heard any vulgar language and were ever so grateful for that. Their work was excellant and they were kind enough to go over the technical adventures of operating our new Washer and Dyer units, with the riser making it most accommodating. Thanks to Dan & Thom.
PATTY KROGERJuly 19th 2023I have had a great experience with Karl’s. The appliances are good, but even better are the people I worked with. My salesman, Brad, was always letting me know what was going on. My installers were the best!! Scott, Joe T. and especially Andy! He had a frustrating install and went above and beyond! Thank you Karl’s!
MELISSA JOACHIMJuly 17th 2023working with Karl's to order our refrigerator was so easy! and the selection was excellent. We received our refrigerator on time with no hassles. Andy and Joe delivered our refrigerator and set it up for us. Andy and Joe were very nice, respectful and knowable. I will defiantly use Karl's for all our appliance needs in the future!
JAN FJuly 12th 2023Andy and Joe from Crew 3 delivered my GE Profile Combo washer/dryer yesterday! They were courteous, friendly and answered all my questions. Highly recommend them and Karl's for all home appliances! This is my 3rd purchase and am always impressed with the sales, delivery and service.
LYNN WENZELJuly 7th 2023I had a stellar experience with crew 5/Dan and Thom. They did a great job installing my new fridge and were very patient with all of my questions and concerns. They were careful and conscientious regarding my property to be sure there was no damage during the install. I enjoyed talking with them and to top it off, my dog liked them too! It was a win/win experience!
STEVE BRUNSMarch 4th 2023Delivery guys, Dan and Joe were awesome! They had to take our front door off and take the doors and drawers off the new fridge to get it in the house. They did so with no complaints and were very professional. It was obvious these guys took their job seriously and cared about the condition they left our house in and the condition of our new appliance. Hey also arrived within 5 min of the scheduled delivery time. Perfect delivery and install!
MIKE VERWEYJune 21st 2023My wife and I recently remodeled our kitchen and were in need of appliances. I highly recommend you reach out to Dan Vanden Berg at Karl's if you are in the market for appliances. He was extremely knowledgeable, kept us up to date from the day we ordered our appliances until the day they were installed. The prices were great and Dan went the extra mile to assist us with the rebate process as well. Thank you Dan!
DIANA LIGHTNERJune 14th 2023Karl’s is the best in products and service-we know they will have exactly what we need for appliances in our homes. Thank you Zach for helping us order our new LG washing machine-and a pleasant surprise the base still works for the front load model! Delivery Crew #3 - Andy and Joe made it look easy- they got us set up and removed our 13 year old model, we appreciated their knowledge and expertise.
ARLA HANSENJune 15th 2023Salesman was courteous and knowledgeable. The insulation Crew # 5 very good. Shout out to Dan and Josh. They answered all my questions and did a quick review on my new washer and dryer. They were careful removing the old and placing the new. Great job guys!
KRISTEN LARSONJune 7th 2023We cannot say enough great things about Dan. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when we were picking out our washing machine. Our washer quit unexpectedly so we were in a bit of a bind. Dan recognized that we had twins and lots of laundry so worked with the delivery team to ensure a very quick delivery so that we wouldn’t be without a washer. We can’t thank him enough for his great customer service!!
MARY SWEENEY-GENGLERDecember 8th 2022I love the customer service here. The prices are similar to big box stores, but you get a more personal experience. The price on our television went down shortly after we purchased it, and it was very easy getting the difference credited back to our credit card. If you leave a message for any particular person to give you a call back, they follow through! Thank you Drew!
HEIDI HEIRINGMay 14th 2023We had the best service today at Karl's in Onalaska with Brian. He was extremely knowledgeable, shared his personal experiences, provided education on the appliances and how to best use them, and assisted with the purchase and further assistance with the service plan as well as another service plan that we have. Brian is a FABULOUS salesmen and person to work with. He is very personable and kind. I would recommend working with him for any appliance purchase. Thank you, Brian, for such a positive experience. This is our 3rd Karl's purchase and we plan to have more in the future.
JENNIFER SCHNABELJune 3rd 2023Andy & Joe (Crew 3) did a great job delivering my kitchen appliances. My front door configuration lends itself to a tricky entrance with large items. They did a great job getting my old refrigerator out and my new refrigerator and stove in & set up. I would recommend Karls for their great service!
MARY PIERSONApril 30th 2023Crew 4- Joe and Joe came out and installed our new oven and took our old one away. They were kind, courteous, and helpful. They were very respectful not to damage the walls or doors as they took the old stove and brought in the new one. They explained things on the new oven and told us how to take care of it. I would gladly have them deliver future products we would buy! I appreciate the fast friendly service!
NATHAN SCHWABMay 20th 2023Very helpful sales associate Kyle and professional delivery crew #3 (thanks Andy & Joe)! Had some some prior research and talked with Kyle a bit in store. He made it very easy to call him after we left and complete the purchase without having to come back into the store. Easy delivery setup and they called prior to arriving letting us know it would be 20-25 min, which was very helpful given the two hour delivery window. Andy & Joe were very professional and moved our old fridge where it needed to go, along with setting up the new one and answering any questions we had before leaving. We shopped at Karl's knowing we'd get better customer service than a big box store and that's exactly what we got.
GREG LARSONJuly 22nd 2019Good prices and they service what they sell
JOSH SWANSTROMJuly 21st 2019I really like this place. It's not like a big box when you buy something and then if something goes wrong you have to try and find someone to fix it on your own.
JAYLA ROSEJune 28th 2019The guy on the bike he’s awesome- our sales guy mark talked us into getting an amazing set- I’m happy can’t wait to see it actually when it arrives :) pricing is good too for what we are getting and he was honest about waiting for sales to come out- I like HONESTY!
RANDAL AND MARCIA GARFIELDJune 13th 2019I've done business with this company a couple of times and they never failed me
ANN OLSONMarch 16th 2019The people at Karl's are helpful. We have purchased many applicated from them. They will service what they sell. Yesterday I needed a filter for my refrigerator and it was in stock.
JOHN NELSONMarch 6th 2019Todd was great help! Very polite and interactive! Got what i wanted
ASHTON DILLYFebruary 16th 2019Drew was awesome helping us pick out a washer and dryer! Great guy to work with!
MIKE SMITHJanuary 13th 2019Fast service good knowledge on item I needed to buy
CHERYL BINGHAMDecember 14th 2018I talked with Chris vanderwal. Very nice guy gave me the information I was looking for
CASEY HATCHNovember 19th 2018Great customer experience, knowledgeable staff and very competitive prices! Highly recommend!
MARGARET STURZENBECHERNovember 4th 2018We have worked with Karl's since they began. Stoves, refrigerators, freezers, TV's, washers and dryers, Weber grill and have been super satisfied. We have had them out for service on only our washer and that went great. We highly recommend them and Chris Kayne to anyone looking for appliances or TV's. Thanks for your service. Bud and Maggie Sturzenbecher
CONNIE MELTONOctober 26th 2018Chris was an excellent sales professional. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding. Highly recommend him.
LORI HOPEOctober 1st 2018Dan was professional, respectful, informative and understanding. I am grateful for the help I received and will be back the next time I am in need of an appliance!
MICHAEL SNOWDENAugust 27th 2018Had numerous troubles with my Kitchen Aid refrigerator and after various attempts to repair the unit Karls replaced with a new unit and no questions asked. Very satisfied especially with their service manager Kevin. Great guy!
CAROL MCKEEVERJune 15th 2018Went to big box stores first looking for a particular brand of dehumidifier. No luck in stores and all other store phone calls I made were automated with numbers to press for my inquiry. Until I called Karl’s. I talked to a person who was friendly and helpful. They had the product I was looking for, bonus, on sale. Very helpful and friendly service. I would definitely come to this store again! Thank you Karls.
MARY JANE MELCHERJune 11th 2018Todd Rensch was a very capable sales person and he did a good job of giving information, placing the order and following through after the delivery and install. The install guys were very proficient and knowledgeable and quick to get the jobs done correctly. The Frigidaire Gallery Series (Induction stove, microwave, dishwasher) and the LG Door-On-Door appliances are exactly what was wanted. All are working beautifully and enhance the look of a quite small kitchen area. Many Thanks to All who were involved.
KAREN BITTNERMay 29th 2018We worked with Brad and he was very knowledgeable and super friendly. We went went the new black stainless appliances throughout the kitchen and they are so modern and beautiful looking. Highly recommend Karl’s.
CORY HILLESHEIMMay 24th 2018If your looking for any appliance for your home go see Andrew. He made the shopping experience fun for my wife and I. He was able to find the perfect range for my wife.???? Also if your a veteran, he will hook you up with a nice discount. Will go back again..
KATHY OTTENMay 13th 2018We recently bought a new refrigerator and fortunately for us, had the same salesman today. We now needed a new stove and the salesman really listened to what we were looking for and the price range we wanted to be in. We decided to get a new dishwasher at the same time so all appliances would once again match. He helped us get some great rebates which helped us too!
LINDA RASMUSSENMay 11th 2018I went to the store very desperate to easily get a new clothes dryer by myself because my husband had just been in the hospital and was home ill. Andrew assisted me and was very helpful. He gave me the info I needed and helped find the easiest and fastest way for me to get a new dryer and get it installed. I very much appreciated his kindness and efficiency in getting the task accomplished. The dryer is due to arrive tomorrow, I can't wait! I have several loads of laundry to get washed and dried. Thanks Andrew!
PERRY HILKEMEIERApril 5th 2018He new what we wanted great place to shop
BILL OTTMarch 13th 2018Good selection of quality products on display. Knowledgeable sales staff. Not high pressure. Inexpensive to exotic range of products.
CHUCK BERGENMarch 6th 2018Karl's has a great selection of appliances including Sub-Zero and Wolf. The sales staff is very helpful and they really know the product.
DAVE OLSENMarch 6th 2018This is a great store filled with knowledgeable, professional staff. Over several years time this team has always hit the mark of excellence. Thank you Tom, Chris and staff.
SANDRA GABRENJAOctober 30th 2017Terrific buy (freezer) in sale and our salesman was right on it.
THEKILLR2August 1st 2017Great service. Knowledgeable employees.
HEATHER MERRILLDecember 18th 2015Karl's employees have top notch customer service skills! After having terrible experiences with appliances from a local big box store and the installation company that they used, I was weary. But my experience with Karl's has been so pleasant, I wish I had gone to them first! The sales associate (Leddy) answered all of my questions, checked measurements, made sure to get me the best price possible. Their warranty plan is way better than the big box stores, too. Jerry installed my dishwasher; he was polite, careful, and did a great job trouble shooting when the space and lines weren't set up properly by the builder. The two men that came to do the washer/dryer set up were just as great. Both installers made sure the appliances operated well before they left and took the time to walk me through the features! I should've gone to Karl's first, and I will for sure get any appliances from them in the future!
LEAH MONDLOCHJune 6th 2017best place ever, they stand behind all they say
AUSTIN DONLEYMay 8th 2017I didn't shop around a lot - so maybe I was overcharged, but Karl's got me a washer and dryer in my house, the very next day. I stopped in, spoke to a sales rep, got a bunch of signatures handled and next day I have a lovely washer and dryer set in my basement, installed, ready to go. I even called the day of delivery to switch to an electric dryer instead, and they switched it out and refunded the difference that same day. Seriously - NO HASSLE. They explained everything crystal clear, from the warranty, to the costs and fees. I had a great experience with Karl's.