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Frisbees is a Plumbing, Heating, AC & Electrical dealer in Sioux Falls. At Frisbees, we specialize in your comfort! No other company offers such a wide range of complete services under the same roof! You can’t work with any one company in the area and get Plumbing, Heating, A/C, Electrical products and service along with a 4,000 square foot Plumbing Showroom. That is why Frisbees is so convenient to work with on remodeling and building products. You don’t have to use multiple companies to get everything that Frisbees can offer.

At Frisbees…Quality comes first. Integrity is never compromised. And customers are the focus of everything we do. Even though we offer a huge selection of services, each service we offer is the best in the business. We are always adding more to meet our customer’s needs, and we only hire the best people for the job to be part of the Frisbees team. That means you have the best technicians from the best company putting all of their experience and skill into every project we do for you.

So make the call to Frisbees now, and see what we can do for you! You can also check out our website,, for a full list of our products and services. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with what you find.


  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Showroom
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Geothermal Heat
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Cleaners
  • Exchangers
  • Thermostats
  • Purifiers
  • Water Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Water Softeners
  • Aqua Magic
  • In-Floor Heat
  • Electric Zone Controls

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SHERI JARRATTJanuary 29th 2024Excellent service and quick response for an after hours furnace repair during our extreme cold weather. Technician explained everything and stayed to make sure everything worked properly.
DAVID FERGENJanuary 24th 2024We had a fantastic experience with Blake servicing our humidifier in our place of business. He was not only friendly but also displayed impressive knowledge in his work. Blake provided excellent service, leaving us completely satisfied. I highly recommend his expertise!
GREGORY HELMSJanuary 15th 2024A huge thank you to Thaddeus, Benjy, and Jaclyn. Thaddeus is always responsive and sincere in helping us choose the right path when addressing the issues we bring to him. Benjy was kind, patient with all my questions, explained what he was doing and exuded concern that our issues were being addressed as we wished. We were fortunate to work with them both.. as are you! Jaclyn was also patient and informative when we stopped to choose some hardware on the Sat. before New Year's eve. Some folks might have been a bit down having to work that day, but she was upbeat, pleasant and helped us make the right selection for us. Thank you Frisbees.
ERICA WILCOXJanuary 9th 2024I am not someone who leaves reviews, really ever! But I have to give credit where credit is due when you receive such amazing customer service. We called Frisbee's to get some electrical work done and they were able to fit us in within a few days, amazing. The gentleman who came to our home immediately put plastic booties on to not get dirt and slush on our floors, amazing. He completed our 3 tasks in under 30 minutes and explained everything to me about what he was doing and what was wrong, amazing. He had everything he needed in his van, no follow-up necessary. Left with a smile on his face as did I. Amazing experience and we are now team Frisbee for whatever they provide that we may need! Highly recommend.
APRIL KELLINGNovember 8th 2023Service tech showed up next morning after I called and was super friendly and knowledgeable. Prepared an estimate on the spot and the final bill came in under the estimated amount! Very happy!!
AMY COMPOctober 19th 2023Frisbee took care of our water main today. Zach was so kind and did great work. We had scheduled out a few weeks ago to make it work in our schedule and the entire process was so easy! Thanks!
KELLY MOORESeptember 5th 2023We’ve used Frisbees all of our lives-in my childhood and adult homes. They are prompt, professional, fair and explained the issue very clearly! We sure appreciated the responsiveness with a two-year-old in the house!!! It can be dangerous when the AC goes out! It’s fixed!!!!! Justin is so very awesome! Thank-you!!!
JASON L KINGAugust 31st 2023I had an employee who accidentally broke a mop sink part. I stopped in with a pile of junk and no clue to the parts department. Travis was awesome. He helped me out identifying it the best he could and I am 99% sure we have the right stuff! Great service in parts department for a random walk in customer! In a day where customer service is nearly dead- Travis was a rockstar!
LEISA DAVISAugust 22nd 2023We recently built a new home in Sioux Falls. Frisbees has done a wonderful job. Timely, professional, quality work…. Scott and Jordan have been absolute Rock Stars!
MITCHJuly 29th 2023Called Frisbee for a quote on an A/C and furnace as our AC unit went out in the middle of July and our furnace was quite old. Elliot came two days later and assessed our situation and gave us a quote by the end of the day. We asked them to do the install as soon as possible, and they showed up less than a week later! Travis was very knowledgeable explaining the system itself to us after the install, and Jason was super helpful in explaining the install itself and what they all did. I will definently be using Frisbee for future service. Between Elliot, Travis, and Jason, you guys made this an excellent experience! I am so impressed at how seamless this process was and am very impressed with our new Carrier unit. Thank you so much!!
JEREMY PRATTJuly 27th 2023My AC quit on me and the house went straight to 80+ degrees. One call to Frisbees and had the house back to 72 with a minor replacement on the outside unit. Between the call and the tech fixing was less than a few hours total. Will recommend Frisbees every time I hear of an AC or furnace issue. Thanks Frisbees!
CARTER GULLICKSONJune 24th 2023Frisbees got a new AC unit installed within 4 days from when I first called them after my ancient AC unit died in the middle of June last year. Their technicians were quick and got the job done right. On top of the speed and great service, their bid was better than 5 other places in town I reached out to.
JESSICA BJORKEApril 18th 2023Aaron as professional and very informative with our concerns and follow-up after a scare with another company. He over looked everything and reassured us our equipment was in working order and tuned/fixed what needed to be addressed. We definitely will keep going back no matter the “good deals” a different company may try to sell you. The service Manager Mark was pleasant as well. We were told by a different company we couldn’t use our furnace for due to a carbon monoxide leak. Due to the cooler weather and a little one he had someone over in a few hours!! We appreciate your business and the technicians that work for you!
HENRYCARLA HEPPFebruary 17th 2023Two Gentlemen, repairmen came in looked at our furnace. I believe they went above and beyond on repairs even resealing joints. The two men were detailed, kind, concise, and respectful to me and my home. They were efficient in looking at necessary repair components of the heat system. They cleaned up everything when done and explained the repair. The cost was reasonable relative to thier competitors.
NICK BURKEJanuary 19th 2023Had a terribly high quote for a furnace replacement from another company in town when our furnace just needed a couple new parts. Frisbee came right out to review, did a thorough and honest job in letting me know a repair was perfectly fine rather than a replacement, and came in at a great budget. Would highly recommend.
PETER LIBERKODecember 9th 2022Billing system needs work! We are selling our home, so we had Frisbees check our heating system. Had to pay service tech. at time of service, which was ok, but in the past they sent us a bill. Then we had some plumbing work done which required 3 additional visits. (on was to replace 2 bathtub spouts, but they repaired drains in error). Each time we had to pay at end of service call. Received a statement from Frisbees saying we had a balance due. Called billing department and went to voice mail so left message that payment was already made. Never got called back, but about a week later I got 3 bills in the mail with balance due. Called again and they "found" two of the three paid, but said one was billed, but reversed a couple of days later... I told them I would get credit card statement to prove payment, but they need to improve their record keeping! I really lost my trust in their billing policies, and hope people are not double paying them!
JAYME DAMMApril 16th 2023Frisbees was all around amazing. They were extremely easy to work with and looked out for my family's needs rather than trying to sell me what would make them the most money. They were quick in installation and did the job flawlessly. They even went back and worked with me to make sure I had the correct documentation for my insurance company months after the job was complete. I would recommend this company to anyone!
AMY MARSCHALLJune 1st 2023We used Frisbee for AC and a possible plumbing issue. We would give the AC tech six stars if that was an option! He fixed our AC quickly and taught us some basic maintenance we should have been doing all along but weren't aware of (first time home owners). It was 90 out today and I needed a sweater because the fixed AC is so powerful. The plumber determined our pipes were ok and that he didn't know what the issue was. Fair, it happens - but $185 to not actually fix anything? I understand paying him for his time making the call but he was in our house less than a half hour, so the price seems steep as he didn't fix our problem. I do appreciate they were able to come so quickly. Overall would use them again I think, at least for any issues with our AC.
P FERGUSONDecember 6th 2022I called Frisbees to get on automatic schedule for furnace and A/C maintenance and a technician was dispatched a few days later. During the cleaning/maintenance, a part that was displaying faults previously, failed permanently resulting in a loss of heating. Another technician was sent an hour or so later to troubleshoot further and he determined that the inducer motor was faulty but under warranty. We were informed that carrier does not stock this part with dealers, requires an extensive red-tape process to get a replacement, and has a 6-hour hold time for carrier support on the phone. We were told not to worry and and it would be submitted asap as they have all info needed and we could expect about a week to wait. Fortunately we have a gas fireplace to hold us over but its more fashion than function we quickly discovered and we needed to purchase several space heaters quickly while temps stayed below freezing during such an opportune moment. After more than a week and a half passed, I called in to find out what was going on after several more days. Frisbees was able to confirm they received the part on Saturday and that I was second on the list to have it installed on Monday….. wow. Less than 48 hours after the replacement part was installed and system is back and running I get the best part of every interaction with Frisbees. If you don’t know, just calling them is $85. Asking for the annual heating checkup is another $55. The best part, the part covered under warranty, is another $100! But wait there's more....not even the next morning our furnace has a whole problem. It is currently sitting in a pool of its own fluids (water?) that is pooling nicely towards the finished portion of our basement. Who needs power-ball with this kind of luck? A new technician is dispatched who arrives and ultimately performs the annual cleaning we were led to believe was completed on the first visit that we were charged for. He had to replace all the PVC piping that allows the moisture and water to drain away from the furnace. In August 2022, Frisbees had an annual revenue of 24 million dollars according to a simple web search. Don’t be fooled by the marketing jingles, family-owned since blah blah blah, a trusted part of your community BS. Your money is the only goal and they they will pass every last red cent of their expenses back onto you for every single interaction you have. I’ve had to fight tooth and nail just to have everything working properly for the first time yet without paying for the service all over again. If you do try to call, you’ll be transferred to Mark, a liar, who will say anything to get you off the phone with a promise of a call back that never happens.
AL AAugust 15th 2019Our water heater stopped working and needed replaced. We were quoted $2300 for a new water heater by a company through Home Depot after they came out and took a look. They told that we needed an expansion tank and a bunch of extra stuff. Frisbee quoted us $960 and advised that we absolutely did not need those things. They were there promptly at 8 AM the day after we scheduled, they offer six months no interest and the entire thing cost us.. *drum roll* ... $960! We are so very grateful for Frisbee! A++
RANDAL AND MARCIA GARFIELDJuly 30th 2019These people/business has help us so much. When first arriving to Sioux Falls I needed a sump pump. Being unfamiliar with my location I called a company called Golden Rule. BBBBiiiiggggggg mistake. After investigation I found I was charged double of Frisbees. I received a quoted for a new airco/heating system from Golden Rule and, again, Frisbees cut my costs by 6 - $7000 with a very high grade system. Frisbees has never failed me with quality products and quality work. Frisbees has thus far put in: Airco/heating system, hot water heater, water soften system (replacing my Culligan system and will pay for itself in about two years and lasts about 20 - 25 years), etc. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Frisbees is the best.
MIKE ERNSTJuly 12th 2019The plumber that was assigned to my service call was on time, clean, knowledgeable and respectful of our home. We have always been extremely satisfied with the service we receive from Frisbees.
DONNA KNAPPJune 26th 2019My husband and I loved working with Patsy,and how she walked us through all that will be needed for our new tub and the custom shower! A small mistake of lost accounting $$$, which I truly know Karen feels bad. But I will say, we appreciate the honesty and will do more of our BUSINESS with them. Thank you again, Patsy and Karen!
GREG JOHNSONMay 10th 2019I’ve used Frisbee for all my home plumbing and HVAC needs for 30 years with great results. Their show room and parts department are knowledgeable, friendly and honest.
KATIE RICHARZMay 10th 2019Our water heater broke late on Thursday night and Friday by 1:00 I had a tech in my house ready to replace it. As he looked it over, he saw that it was still under warranty. Instead of selling me a new one, he told me about the warranty, called the company for me and got the number I needed to get the free replacement. They also provided transport for the new one to my house and installed it that day for one flat, low price. I will always use Frisbee in the future and recommend them highly!
DAN PETERSONMay 7th 2019Great service! Very quick response to a leak in our water heater.
ALAN SENGPHETApril 10th 2019Was awesome, the guy at the showroom was helpful. I went 5 min before closed and he helped my 15 mins after they closed. Awesome service
JOELMarch 24th 2019I needed a sump pump during our last flood. Frisbees had everything I needed and even gave me some pointers on installing it! Absolutely great service. I was a first time customer but I will be back!
JOANNA ZIMMERMarch 15th 2019We were BEYOND grateful for Frisbee's. We had a sump pump failure and a lot of flooding last summer (summer of 2018) and had decided to look into a new one just prior to the torrential rains of March 2019. We were amazed that the person was able to come the day before those rains, install the pump and work with our 16 year old daughter, who was the only one home. She raved about how kind he was, and his name is Russ. THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts! We stayed dry.
JONNA MELLEMMarch 7th 2019I just got my humidifier installed and they did a fantastic job! The tech was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, clean and fast! I'd rate them a 10 if I could!
AMANDA DVANAJSCAKFebruary 27th 2019Frisbees is always wonderful to work with. Their service department is friendly and professional, their technicians are knowledgeable and efficient, and their products are top of the line. Would recommend them over and over, won’t use anyone else.
RENAE BRUGGEMANFebruary 26th 2019Updated initial review: Came to hook up our fridge water stop valve but showed us where it was since we had it hooked up already, and that was basically it. Charged us $125 for that! He was here for only 10 minutes. While he was here he assisted in hooking up a fridge we could have done ourselves without his help and charged an extra $45! When we called prior to him coming they said it would be $75 per hour and that’s it, plus parts. Called inquiring about the bill and the lady couldn’t do much for us, and unsympathetic. Update: My husband talked to Marty and he discussed it better and helped make it right. For the next time as a suggestion please have your receptionist explain the initial charges better in regards to the service fees and any additional charges;and also the guy on site explain there will be a charge before proceeding forward and that will help eliminate any confusion and negative responses.
CHARITY SMALLJanuary 13th 2019We've used Frisbee's for years and will continue when we need service. From our new water heater install to our furnace service calls. Prompt, friendly, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and quick staff.
PETE ROBERTSNovember 12th 2018Frisbees personnel did a fantastic job with this project. Within the course of 4 business days, they had a tech review our old furnace situation (it needed to be replaced), had someone out with a quote, and installed the new unit, in addition to fixing some other issues with our flue. Communication throughout this process went very well, and personnel at Frisbees were always available to answer my questions. Thanks!
MICHAEL LUBKENovember 1st 2018I was working with a different company before making the switch to Frisbees. After the previous company had to come out for the third time to fix my AC (misdiagnosing the problem each time) and spending $1000+ on repairing it, I called Frisbees. The tech found the problem within 5 minutes. He showed me the leak in my A coil and we decided to go through with a replacement of the entire AC unit since the cost of replacing a coil is more than half the cost of installing a new more efficient unit. I also decided to replace the furnace at the same time, since my furnace was nearly 19 years old and was having a hard time keeping the lower level warm. I received multiple quotes for full furnace and AC replacement, and Frisbees came out on top. They offer 0% financing over 3 years for furnace and AC replacement. It made the huge expense a lot more bearable to me, as I've had a lot of bad luck this year with things breaking in my house. On the day of installation, they arrived right on time and started tearing out the old units. They set everything up and left my place cleaner than it was before. The installation look great, and it only took them about 8 hours to fully complete it. Frisbees also handled all the registering of the new equipment so that I would get my 10 year warranties, and they showed me how to use the new thermostat. The whole process was stress-free for me. I will say that I noticed a little bit of condensation pooling around my new furnace after having it on. Given that it's an energy efficient model, I knew that condensation was normal, but not on the under side of the unit. They came out and fixed a minor installation problem with the new PVC chimney the very next day. It's been great since. I've had only great experiences with Frisbees so far, and I highly recommend them.
MELISSA FLYNNMay 21st 2018I have used Frisbee's Plumbing and Heating for many years at both my home and a rental property that I own. Their staff is friendly and helpful. Their service is timely and reliable. Keep up the excellent work!
JANEY SABERSMay 18th 2018My experience in years of doing business with Frisbee’s is that it is always a job well done. Done right the first time and always on time when promised. Thank you, Frisbee’s.
ANDREW OLSONMarch 21st 2018A++! Would recommend. We received amazing service received from Frisbee when a water spot appeared in our basement ceiling. Extreme professionalism from technician Johnny, who was able to isolate the problem, cut and solder a replacement pipe and then crimp it into place, all in less than 2 hours. We are impressed by the speed of service and availability of skilled staff. We had a minor issue with our first visit, and they came out to do a follow-up visit to make the issue right for FREE. What a great company!
ALFRED LOZOYAFebruary 21st 2018They are great and fast. The tec Philip Allen was the best .Frisbees has got new customer for my ac ,furnace needs thank you.
SHERYL NELSONJanuary 17th 2018Frisbees people are very friendly and professional. Most importantly, they know what they're doing! Highly recommend them.
MARK VIGLIOTTINovember 3rd 2017Great service on time. Very Professional
WYATT CHICOINEJuly 19th 2017Frisbees was a real life saver. I added a bathroom to my basement and needed new pipe run. They came out very fast and did it within a day. & at a very cheap rate. I highly recommend these guys!
CHRIS WEYERDecember 12th 2016Quick service, had exactly what I needed. I will definitely go back in the future!
STEVEN CAMPBELLJanuary 9th 2017Awesome service even though I only needed a small part! I brought in a disassembled water hydrant and the guy working there took me back found what I needed, then he actually took the part I brought in and put it in the vice and cut off a piece that I would need to re-use.
SCOTT KENNEDYJuly 18th 2016Had another big name HVAC company come look at my A/C units and was told would need all new everything for both unit. Frisbees came out and went above and beyond to find the parts to repair my existing units saving me thousands!! They also were very helpful and reasonable on coming out and firing up my heating system last fall! They have earned my business for sure!
BRYANJuly 1st 2013Replaced my garbage disposal and also adjusted water pressure, service was great and I was surprised at how affordable it ended up being.